Sunday, 23 September 2012

9 Months of being Pregnant

Hi everyone, sorry my post is a tad on the late side but once again things got a bit hectic with preparing for the baby. I promised a post on pregnancy and when I asked what you all thought of me doing one you seemed in favour so here we go :)

Everyone told me that being pregnant was a fantastic experience to be treasured leaving woman "Blooming and Glowing" This unfortunately was not me asides from having quite good skin and shiny hair just now it hasn't been the best 9 months. I found out I was pregnant back in early February and it was a shock being completely convinced that I wasn't. However what will be will be. I'd heard of the dreaded morning sickness and I actually thought I'd managed to escape it but it slowly crept up on me lasting until I reached about 20 weeks (Not the end of the first trimester as they said it would) There are so many exciting milestones when being pregnant from your 12 week scan, to your 20 week scan, to feeling your baby's first movements, to feeling tiny feet and bums poking out of your tummy, then finally reaching full term, it's all so exciting.

Once things start to get further on you can then begin to purchase baby clothes, your crib or moses basket, toiletries, and not forgetting your pram. I loved buying baby clothes, everything is so tiny and clean I could have spent a fortune. Even now I want to buy loads of new products as all the shops Autumn and Winter collections have landed and 'Mama's and Papa's' have launched new born Halloween costumes and Christmas costumes Which I had to purchase. 

I reached my 3rd trimester and out of no where my sickness returned, but I've not reached full term and with 2 weeks to go I'm sure I can last out for 14 odd more days. Although I'm now on maternity leave and find myself at a lose end with nothing to do, with my crib being built, pram here and waiting, hospital bag packed, and all the baby's clothes prepared and waiting for them, it's a waiting game. At my 20 week scan I chose to not find out what I was having as I figured if you have to wait 9 long months you may aswell have a nice surprise at the end of it. With 2 weeks to go I'm more excited than ever I purchased my birthing ball, I'm planning to go out long walks and I'm going to eat my weight in spicy food as after waiting all this time I'm now desperate to see what my little boy or girl looks like :)

Here's some pictures :)

Hope you enjoyed this and I'd love to answer any questions you have.
Lots of Love

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sorrrrry :(

Hi everyone.
Sorry for my lack of blog posts in the last few weeks but everything has been rather hectic with the baby due in the forth coming weeks. Been getting everything organised arranging all their clothes, removing labels, building the crib, building the pram. Everything is up and ready as of now and it is now the waiting game. 
So as I'm desperately trying to find stuff to occupy my day with on Friday I will write a full pregnancy post sharing my experience the highs and the lows and I'll be posting pictures for all you lovely ladies to see :)

Lots of Love

Friday, 24 August 2012

Pregnancy Blues

All in all I haven't had the most fantastic pregnant experience with first trimester morning sickness to it returning in my last trimester to being exhausted and generally waddling like a duck from place to place, it can with no surprise get you a bit down and as all girls do every now and then you need a pick me up. My fiancé noticed this and treated me to a wee shopping trip in Boots. I only picked up a few things as I wasn't wanting to take advantage but here's what he purchased for me.

'Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner'

Models Own Powder Blusher in the shade 'Warm Glow'

17 Wild Metallic Eyes in the shades 'Wild Bronze' and 'Wild Nude'

Collection 2000 'Fix Me Up' Long lasting make up fixer.

No.7 Extreme length mascara.

So the countdown is now on 7 weeks till Baby Cakes arrives. Next post will be a pregnancy one.

Lots of Love

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Little update

Hi everyone firstly let me say a massive thank you to everyone who has started following this blog. I appreciate it so much. I'd like to apologise for not posting for a few days but I have had a few uni re sits to be submitted this coming Monday and Tuesday so I have been focusing on them. But I promise I will be posting a new review at the end of the week I was also thinking of a pregnancy post? What do you think? 
Lots of love

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Hi firstly let me say thank you to everyone who was followed my blog. I'm overwhelmed my numbers doubled in the space of a few hours. I'd also like to give a shout out to a fellow blogger and ask you all to go and have a read at her blog it's marvellous - Whispers from angels

I've taken the time to set up direct links to my Twitter, Facebook and You tube channel, I'd love it if you could just take a couple of seconds to like or follow them.

I made a YouTube channel with the hopes to make videos but I'm a bit unsure, what do you all think? and if I proceed with it what should my first video be? 

Lots of Love.

I signed into my blog the other day to see that the lovely Shelley nominated me for the Liebster Award. I feel extremely honoured being extremely new to the blogging world. It's basically an award for up and coming blogs

"This little award is all about discovering new blogs and helping those with less than 200 followers to get recognised."

It's a great opportunity for all of us new bloggers and it also allows me to do my first tag which  I must I am very excited about doing after watching many of my favouite You Tube Guru's filming tags and writing tagss on their blogs.
The rules are as follows.
1. Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.

2. They must also answer the 11 questions the ' tagger ' has set for them.

3. They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.

4. They must then choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and tag them in their post.

5. These lucky bloggers must then be told.

6. There's no tag backs.

11 Facts about me

I am 22 years old.
I live in Glasgow, Scotland.
I have just finished my BA Hons Commercial Music Degree.
I am expecting my first baby on October 10th.
I have an unhealthy obsession with make up and cosmetics
I love keeping things neat and tidy and I love organising and making to do lists.
I am a black belt in karate.
I am trained classical singer and can sing 3 and a half octaves.
I can touch my nose with my tongue.
I fidget, pull the ends of the sleeves of my jumpers/tops and bite my lip when I'm nervous.
When I was younger I couldn't pronounce the word sausages.

1. If you had to pick ONE make-up item ONLY, to wear for the rest of your life, which would it be?
Bourjous Healthy Mix foundation.

2. Handbags, or Shoes? 
Ahh this is difficult but em probably shoes.

3. Your 'Go-To' brand is...?

4. Why did you create a blog?
I have a passion for writing and decided to do something productive with my team talking about things I love.

5. When you wish upon a star, you wish for...?
My baby to be healthy and happy.

6. How would you describe your style?
Indie chic.

7. Do you have a fave fashion icon?
Alexa Chung or Frankie Sandford.

8. Tell us one random fact about yourself...
I am a black belt in Karate.
9. What's your favourite movie?
The Notebook.

10. If you looked in my wardrobe you would mostly find... 
High Heels or Dresses

11. Your dream job is?
 A teacher

Now my questions for the lovely bloggers

1. What and who was your biggest inspiration when it comes to blogging?
2. You're all time 3 favourite make up items?
3. Style Icon?
4. Heels or Flats?
5. Favourite Beauty You Tube/Blogger.
6. Current make up splurge?
7. Most disappointing make up product?
8. Biggest achievement to date?
9. Favourite high street make up brand?
10. Hopes for the future?

Now who I shall be tagging.

Take a look at all these wonderful Blogs and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.

Lots of Love.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

L'oreal Studio Secrets Primer.

For a long period of time I never bothered with primers I skipt them whilst browsing in Noots or Superdrug and just generally didn't feel the need for one. Even when I was given a sample size of Benefits 'That Girl' it lay at the back of my drawer collecting dust, I always found that my simple day cream done the trick at keeping my make up in place. However that being said when my Mum came home one say with L'Oreal Studi Secrets Proner I thought i'd give it ago I did have great expectations especially with it being priced at near on £15 not the cheapest for a high street product especially considering it forsn't cone one in the largest pot. I had just purchased the raved about high street foundation Bourjous 'Healthy Mix' so decided it was the perfect to team both together. I applied a small amount of primer evenly distributing it over my face. Then applied my new foundation. The first thing I noticed was that my foundation felt cakey and not radiance boosting as the foundation states I then I found after I'd completely the application that it all most immediately started to go peely around my T-Zone making my skin look quite horrible. When applying the primer it felt like a paste rather than a smooth application. I firstly thought it was perhaps I had a bad batch of foundation so the next day I applied the foundation again with no primer and I loved the results. Overall I won't be using this primer again and certainly won't be purchasing it. Have you tried this Primer what did you think? 
Lot's of love.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Night time pamper routine.

My maternity leave has finally started and the countdown has begun 10 weeks till babycakes arrives, which also leaves me plenty of free time to take proper control over this. I have been eagerly waiting the start of the Autumn season due to being a massive fan of warm rich colours, but more so because I can begin to purchase more baby clothes which babycakes will get most wear out of in the winter. So, whilst strolling (or waddling) through town at the weekend I noticed that Next had changed the window displays this brought me the up most excitement. Not only for Autumn but for the fact that when Autumn reaches it means Christmas is on the way. So here I am writing this blog post with ‘The Holiday’ playing on my dvd player in the background and a cinnamon candle burning on my drawers, I'm aware I may have peaked too early but can you blame me?

As soon as the dark nights begin to draw in I have an over whelming urge for pamper nights sometimes 2-3 times a week so I thought this blog post would be dedicated to my routine on each of these nights. First of all I like to begin with a long shower taking in with me these few products. 


My shampoo and conditioner of choice at the moment is L'oreal Elvive Nutri Gloss, I find it works wonders for my hair leaving it feeling weightless and with a glossy shine. Once a week I also like to apply an intensive hair mask treatment I like to alternate between the mask available with the L'Oreal Elvive range and one availble in the Soap and Glory Collection entitled 'Hair Supply' (All soap and glory products are available at Boots- ) 
Next I like to scrub my skin from top to bottom with Soap and Glory's 'The Breakfast Scrub' it has the most amazing smell and leaves me skin feeling so soft and refreshed and finally I have a final soak and lather up using Soap and Glory's 'Clean on me'.   

  When I finally emerge from the shower I gently ring out the excess water from my hair and apply a heat protective spray the one I'm using at the moment is the simple GHD 'Heat Defensive Spray' I also then apply V05 miracle concentrate oil concentrating on the mid length and ends of my hair, this product is absolutely raved about in the beauty community and with the results it leaves there's no prizes for guessing why. It just leaves such a beautiful shine to the hair and controls any frizz or pesky fly aways that crop up during your day. After a quick dry and straighten I throw my hair up and move on to my skin...

Soap and Glory 'The Righteous Butter'

After using the Soap and Glory 'Breakfast scrub' I feel my skin needs some much needed moisture put back into it and for this I like to use Soap and Glory 'The Righteous Body Butter' I tend to only use this body butter at night time due to it being quite a thick consistency and therefore it takes a while for it to properly sink into the skin to avoid it sticking to my clothes I use it before bed, If I am moisturising in the morning I tend to use body lotion I found at Body Care which cost me a whole 99p and is a much lighter formula not to mention it leaves my skin smelling lovely of coca butter. I used to apply fake tan religiously but with being pregnant and it finally coming into the colder months I've put it to the back of my drawer and started to embrace my pale skin.

I then like to use a Johnsons dreamy skin face whipe to give my skin a rough clean then apply The No.7 radiance boosting hot cloth cleanser massaging it into my skin in circular motions and gently exfoliating with my muslim cloth, after this I tone my face. Recently I have been using the Boots Botanic's Rose water cleanser. It smells beautiful and leaves me skin feeling as fresh as ever. My final two steps are applying 'This Works Eye Serum' and Johnsons night cream.

I then jump into bed and by this point I'm usually falling half asleep but make a point of painting my nails. My mum told me when I was younger to always make sure I had nice nails it's something she always had and it's something i've religiously stuck to, however I'm not to adventurous when it comes to nails and like to keep them simply french manicured.

Leaving this finished result:

After this I'm soon asleep and wake up feeling fresh only to start a completely separate skin care routine all over again but I'll save that for another post....

Hope you enjoyed reading girlies.
Lot's of love

Friday, 4 May 2012

Introduction and Review. xo

Last October I had very good intentions of making a blog. 
I signed up, picked my template and published my first post.
But once again, I failed to keep it up or maintain it. After watching many Youtube Guru's videos
and reading numerous beauty blogs, my motivation has kick started all over again and I am determined to see it through this time, So shall we begin?

I feel I should break myself in easy with a simple review on a few products, I've recently purchased.

No.7 Skin Illumiator in Pink.

The first product in line for review is the No.7 skin illuminator in pink:
This product works as a good all rounder for make up lovers, it serves as a highlighting base for under your foundation, achieving a dewy finish rather than a matte.
It can also be used as a eye brightening cream or as a cheek highlighter. It comes in two shades 'Peach' and 'Pink'. 'Peach' is perfect for lighter skin tones whiles 'Pink' is better suited to darker more olive skin tones. Both are available from your No.7 counter at Boots stores.
The application is easy, it is applied with a small black brush and you simply blend it all over your skin. The only negative about applying this product is squeezing the product out of the tube
can be quite difficult and when you apply too much pressure you end up with too much product coming out. 
An other little advantage of this product is Boot's often give out £5 off No.7 purchases at the tills. The product retails at £11 but with your £5 off voucher you can purchase it for £6- Definitely worth a look.

Benefit's 'That Girl' Face Primer.

Until reecently I don't think I ever once used a primer, but none the less was always exasperated when my foundation would melt off throughout the day
leaving my skin lookign patchy and uneven. But with the application of this before hand my make up has lasted more or less the full day with little need to touch it up. 
The packaging says it's a face brightner, I didn't find it brighten my face, that much and I would still rely on my No.7 illuminator for that job. It did make my foundation application a lot easier that normal however.

Mac Studio Fix Fluid NW 20

My foundation of choice for many years was Elizabeth Arden, most likely through my mum repurchasing it over and over and after watching many make up reviews and monthly favourites I decided to purchase and try MAC Studio Fix Fluid in the shade NW 20.
I'd heard great things about this foundation and I prefer a matte coverage which this foundation definitly offers and I didn't have to touch it up throughout the day which I had to do previously with my Elizabeth Arden foundation. However I do feel it to be quite drying on my skin especially around my T-Zone. 
My other only negative is the packaging it does not come with a pump for the foundation, this has to be purchased seperately and without it, it can make application quite difficult, Although this product is a good all rounder, I think I would be keen to look at the different MAC foundations before repurchasing this one.

Ebay 88 Colours Neutral Eye Palette.

I love neutral eye colours whether it be from creams to browns and black. I wanted to find a product that could offer all of this and whilst searching interent I found this on ebay.
It offers every colour you need for creating a neutral eye. From your high light colours to your crease colours. The only downside I have about this product is the lack of matte eye shadows available most are shimmers, but despite that all eyeshadows in this palette are very very pigmninted. 
It comes in at £8.00 and includes free postage. I do really like this palette and can create so many different looks with, it was a great purchase.

Lots of Love,